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15:00 - 24th January 2016, by NEO Staff

Yu-Gi-Oh Season 3

For anime fans of a certain age, the words Yu-Gi-Oh can’t help but conjure up a wave of nostalgia for Saturday mornings spent glued to the television. Emerging in the wake of Pokémon’s first explosion of popularity, its physical card game counterpart was a dream for kids (and probably a nightmare for cash-strapped parents).

Of course, if you’ve seen one episode of Yu-Gi-Oh, then you’ll know exactly what to expect here: card battles, and lots of them. Season three sees Yami Yugi and his band of followers on their way to enter the climactic fight of the Battle City Finals, only to be kidnapped by Noah, a mysterious child who traps them in a virtual world and forces them to battle for their freedom.

It’s been over ten years since the show’s release, and unfortunately the years haven’t been especially kind. The English dub, compared to modern standards, feels particularly melodramatic, and given the inherent absurdity of having to (repeatedly) play a card game with your life in the balance, the net result is that it’s hard to take the endless cliff hangers and dramatic twists seriously.

Suspend your disbelief for long enough, however, and the over-the-top characters and brilliantly convoluted battle mechanics become pretty darned entertaining. There’s an old-school charm to its monster designs that’s hard to resist, and paired with the childish enthusiasm it can’t help but evoke, it still makes a pretty entertaining watch.

By no means the best anime you’ll ever see, but for anyone who remembers it fondly, Yu-Gi-Oh is always worth a revisit.
SCORE: 3/5
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