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11:31 - 25th February 2016, by NEO Staff

Black Bullet – Complete Season Collection

A decade after the struggle against a DNA-rewriting pandemic that transforms humans into giant bugs, Tokyo and a handful of other cities remain standing in Japan, surrounded by a swathe of metal monoliths that keep the viral menace at bay. Inside the city limits, friendly neighbourhood Civil Officers, like Rentaro and his rabbit-esque companion Enju, keep the peace, usually by finding any rogue monsters and beating them up. Or shooting them. Or both.

Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds (and it didn’t sound all that easy): in the post-apocalyptic world of Black Bullet, it seems like a new world-threatening calamity is always just around the corner.

Although the series is short, it seems to pack a lot into its 13 episodes – containing a handful of tightly-paced story arcs that definitely have a lot going on each episode, but don’t string out any one storyline beyond its own appeal. Linking each arc are the difficulties the two leads face as they try to get by in the strained post-war society – a subplot which could have been one of the more notable elements of the series, but one which is invariably drowned out thanks to awkward character interactions and action sequences. However, said action is definitely fast and stylish, and even though many of the individual elements of Black Bullet are well-known anime staples (such as superpowered schoolgirls, cyborgs, and dour young gunslingers), the series brings its own flair and combines them to create some fairly memorable fight scenes that stand out even among better-known entries in the genre.

There’s a huge amount of potential hidden somewhere in Black Bullet, but its exemplary moments are blown away by some narrative misfires.
SCORE: 2.5/5
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