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15:00 - 9th April 2016, by NEO Staff

Tokyo ESP

It’s fair to say that Rinka doesn’t have the best start to her morning in the opening chapter of Tokyo ESP. Upon wakening, she falls through the floorboards and ends up in her downstairs neighbour’s apartment. When she tries to call for help, her fingers go straight through her mobile phone. Then, a mysterious stranger arrives and reminds her of the previous day, when she was cycling home and saw a flying penguin and shoals of shining fish in the sky over Tokyo Skytree. It was these fish who granted her superpowers – but she’s not the only one. Plenty of people in the city, including her own father, have been afflicted with strange abilities. But how, and for what purpose?

The aforementioned stranger, Kyotaro Azuma, reveals that he not only has his own superpowers, but that he’s also embroiled in a series of high-publicity crimes – although he’s actually trying to catch the real thief, who nicknames herself Black Fist and has the power of invisibility. Azuma dubs himself Crow Head and tells Rinka she now has a responsibility to use her new powers for good, and join him in his ‘Hero Project’. However, Rinka has no intention of losing her humanity or complicating her already difficult life any further, and would much rather look for a cure. So, where does that flying penguin fit in again…?

An engrossing supernatural story, Tokyo ESP is better thought of as an homage to American superhero comics – and let’s face it, they’re in high fashion right now. With great action, comedy and plenty of drama, Tokyo ESP is an intriguing series, and one to definitely pick up.

A superhero tale as only the Japanese could tell it – shiny fish granting magic powers in Tokyo.
SCORE: 5/5
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