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15:00 - 16th April 2016, by NEO Staff

RWBY: Volume 2

It’s time for more action from the most formidable fairy-tale force – the fun-loving, monster-hunting girls of Team RWBY! They are now into their second semester at Beacon – the premiere academy for teaching the youth of Remnant how to fight the shadowy creatures known as Grimm. And though the varicoloured foursome are now a bunch of firm friends and teammates, they’ll soon find that their enemies have been growing as well, both in number and in plain fiendishness. It looks like Grimm will be the least of Team RWBY’s worries this year!

Created in the USA by the ever-versatile Rooster Teeth studio, RWBY utilises elements of both American and Japanese animation in an attempt to create a series that uses the best of both mediums – and in a lot of ways, it does a good job. The fight choreography is incredibly well-done, and continues to be the series’ greatest strength, but the background art tends to look a little flat, and animation in scenes that aren’t fast-paced magical brawls can often be fairly rigid, making it difficult for the characters to feel as full of life as they potentially could. However, the voice cast – and snappy script – definitely try to make up for the occasionally stiff animation with energetic and charming performances that include a lot more character development than the previous season.

As with the first volume, the second boxset of RWBY is a quick, dozen-episode burst, packing as much action and comedy as it possibly can into just over two hours of runtime. It won’t be for everyone, but if you liked what you’ve seen thus far, you’ll be pleased with RWBY’s sophomore chapter.

It still feels lacking in some major areas, but there’s plenty to enjoy in this short, sharp series.
SCORE: 3.5/5
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