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10:36 - 24th June 2016, by NEO Staff

Beyond the Boundary

There’s two things that you need to know about Akihito Kanbara – the first thing, which he’s more than happy to announce to the world, is that he has a penchant for girls with glasses. The other thing, known only to a select few, is that he’s half-human, half-demon – which means that while he looks like a regular high school boy, he’s actually nigh-immortal.

This is what brings him stumbling into the life of Mirai Kuriyama, a bespectacled girl from a cursed clan of blood-manipulating Spirit World Warriors, whose sworn duty is to hunt down and destroy demonic entities. Although she starts off trying to kill Akihito on a daily basis, the two gradually become friends, though the influx of powerful demons into their town – not to mention troubling elements from their respective pasts – puts a strain on the burgeoning relationship.

If some of the plot elements of Beyond the Boundary seem a little familiar to you, you’re probably not alone in feeling that way. Although nothing from the series seems to be taken specifically from another story, it’s difficult to watch without some sense of deja vu, unless you’re entirely new to the whole urban fantasy genre. That being said, the story skips along at a steady pace, and the art and animation are where the series really shines, with some wonderfully-choreographed battle scenes, intricate details, and energetic, charming characters. It might be lacking in originality, but if you’re after a short and engaging series to while away a few hours with, Beyond the Boundary will certainly fit the bill.

There’s not a lot of surprises in store for viewers of Beyond the Boundary, but it’s a short but sweet title with some great-looking scenes.
SCORE: 3.5/5
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