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15:00 - 31st July 2016, by NEO Staff

Brynhildr in the Darkness

Ryouta Murakami is the only member of the astronomy club, where he’s spent his teenage years desperately searching the stars to atone for the death of his childhood friend. He called her Kuroneko in absence of a real name, and entertained her claims of meeting an alien.

With his eidetic memory, Ryouta carries the weight of her passing like a sack of chains behind him, reliving the moment ad infinitum in night terrors and half-finished thoughts. But ten years after Kuroneko’s death, there’s a new transfer student who’s her exact likeness. Kuroha Neko has no memory of Ryouta, and in confronting her, he comes across like a drooling pervert…

Despite lacking multiplication or basic reading skills, Kuroha’s strangest asset is her premonitions and foreknowledge of students’ deaths, delivered in icy tones by Risa Taneda. She bears knowledge of Ryouta’s demise and, in helping to prevent it, reveals she’s a witch with power born from years of surgery and drugs.

The only way Neko can tame the chaos of her life is by saving others and forging friendships with her sister witches. Driven more by the memory of his friend, Ryouta gets embroiled in helping the witches’ plight, discovering they’re fleeing a shadowy government organisation which held them captive and carried out experiments.

Whatever the set-up, Brynhildr in the Darkness succumbs to ecchi-harem with all the cliché and trappings to match. From the hot spring and beach episodes and everything in between, the incremental, and frankly ludicrous, pervy parts overwhelm the plot.

The series is based on the manga illustrated and written by Lynn Okamoto, best known for the shock horror and viscera of Elfen Lied, and studio Arms was behind the anime adaptations of both series. With that in mind, it’s really no wonder the two share many of the same themes and foibles.

Whatever potential lay in the sci-fi spin on magic and witches, it’s lost in a bloated malaise of ecchi and humdrum characters.
SCORE: 2.5/5
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