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14:42 - 29th July 2016, by NEO Staff


The Monogatari series returns for a new cluster of weird and whimsical episodes – this time the focus is on Suruga Kanbaru, the athletic champ who has been cursed with the simianesque left arm of a devil after a previous season’s magical mishap gone wrong. In this set of episodes, Suruga – left on her own after her senpais’ graduations – continues to investigate demonic goings-on around her school. Said investigations generally take the form of having philosophical and often downright odd conversations with a variety of equally odd characters.

Regular viewers of the Monogataris will be well aware of the fact that the series is no stranger to artful weirdness, and Hanamonogatari is no exception. Though your enjoyment of the story will probably be down to personal taste (and a high tolerance for the deliberately bizarre), combined with the abstract yet stunning visuals, there’s something inexplicably charming about the eccentric way in which the characters interact with each other.
However, the visuals are definitely what keep the series held together – and while the animation is masterful and the characters fun to watch, what Hanamonogatari really trades on is its endlessly-changing, and great-looking, cavalcade of backdrops. Watching the series feels like taking a leisurely stroll through the world’s most peculiar art gallery – while someone tries to tell you about a half-remembered dream they once had – but if you go into it with an open mind, then you’ll probably be able to spend an interesting couple of hours with this one.

It’s definitely not for everyone, or even for most, but if you’re looking for a quirky series that’s brief and beautiful – give this one a try.
SCORE: 3/5
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