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11:00 - 8th August 2016, by NEO Staff

Blade Dance of the Elementalers

As everyone knows (everyone who’s ever seen a fantasy harem series before, anyway) if you’re a young man strolling through the forest on his way to magical fame and fortune, there is a 99.9% chance that you’ll stumble across a naked girl having a wash. Not wishing to buck this trend is Kamito, the newest student at the hitherto all-girls school Areishia Spirit Academy, where the daughters of noble families learn to wield elemental spirit weapons in hopes of winning the titular Blade Dance. Though it might sound harmless, the Blade Dance is actually a no-holds-barred magical tournament to appease the most powerful spirits in the land.

Compounding one blunder with another, Kamito also bonds with a sword spirit from under the nose of Claire Rouge – the aforementioned bathing young lady – whose temperament is as fiery as her elemental weaponry; and in a slight stretch of logic, Kamito must now serve as Claire’s contracted spirit (which basically just means that she gets to boss him around).

While Blade Dance of the Elementalers has all the basic staples of a fun and interesting series: action, magic, mysterious backstories, a whole host of spiritual mascots and demonic entities; unfortunately the series’ short run is so weighed down with nigh-constant fanservice that it doesn’t take enough time to make any of the characters engaging or likable, and most viewers will probably find that the first couple of episodes are more than enough for the two lead characters’ bickering to put them off.

Blade Dance of the Elementalers has all the makings of a fun and frenetic series, but it gets hampered by a lack of substance from the outset.
SCORE: 2/5
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