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12:38 - 11th December 2012, by David West

Terracotta Announces Expanded Festival And Monthly Film Nights

NEO met with Joey Leung at Hyper Japan last month to chat about Terracotta Films' plans for the new year.

Terracotta was one of the companies that lost stock in the Sony Warehouse fire during the riots and it has been a long road back from that loss.

"That was more than a year ago and we're still feeling the after effects of it," says Joey. "All our stock was lost in the fire and I think we went a good few months without proper income because we didn't have any stock. Luckily we're getting the stock replenished but it took ages to work through the system."

"For example when we did have stock, places like Amazon still showed on their website 'We estimate this will ship in 90 days', so obviously no one was going to buy it. Amazon didn't have stock and it took a while for their buyers and operations team to get things cranking again purely because there were so many labels and titles affected."

After releasing their first animated feature Gyo - Tokyo Fish Attack in 2012, the company has more animation on the cards for 2013.

"We've got King Of Pigs, which is a dark Korean animation set in a high school," says Joey. "It shows the bullying and class divide in Korean society. The real violence of the elite rich kids versus the not-so-well-off kids."

On the live action front Terracotta has Antique Bakery coming in February. "It's very rich, very colourful," says Joey. "If you like films like Memories Of Matsuko then you'll like Antique Bakery."

"In January we're working with the London Comedy Film Festival," says Joey. "We're programming the Asian strand which will be at the Hackney Picture House."

"The big thing for us, which is why we're not doing so many releases, is the 2013 Terracotta Festival. We've moved it from April to June and we're going to have more sites, more strands, more films. We'll be doing from 6th to 16th June in London, so already that's a bigger festival."

"We'll have four days at the Prince Charles Cinema, with a Friday all-night horror marathon and it will be all night this time - 11.45 PM until 7AM. After that from the 10th to the 16th we'll be at various venues."

"It's going to be a much bigger festival that will consume a lot of our time. After that we can get back to new releases again."

In addition to the festival, Terracotta will be hosting a new monthly film club at the Prince Charles Cinema showing classic Asian movies.

"In January we'll be kicking that off with Police Story," says Joey. "It really fits the Prince Charles vibe. They love showing Robocop, The Goonies, old 80s classics you watched as a kid. We're doing a similar thing on the Asian side."

"Police Story was an obvious one for us to do and tickets are on sale already. Wednesday 30th January, 9PM. It will be like a mini-festival for us every month. We'll have the merch desk, quizzes, we'll show trailers, it will be awesome. The idea is to show a different film every month. So it starts with Police Story then it could be an arthouse film from Korea or Japan the following month."

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