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10:19 - 15th November 2013, by NEO Staff

Chewing the Fat

Actor Chow Yun Fat is not a natural Mandarin speaker (born in Hong Kong, his first language is Cantonese) and his accent in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was actually taken to task by some critics in the mainland! Whenever the great actor is offered a new role in a Chinese film he admits to some trepidation. Speaking to NEO about taking on the period drama likes of Confucius he admits, "It is getting to grips with the dialogue that is most challenging: even the new generation of Chinese do not understand a lot of these older words from back in that period. Trying to speak it is hard (laughs)." The thespian does, however, maintain hope about the continued growth of the country's film industry. "Today we are not so much thinking about communist propaganda," he laughs. "People have opened up their hearts and minds. James Cameron's movie Avatar made millions and millions in China, which proves that the audience is thirsty for new information and technology. There is a big market for the cinema in China and today we have more than 500 fully operational screens spread across different cities. I think that in the next ten years we will have even more cinemas than the United States. It is a huge market for the film industry."

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