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15:28 - 17th December 2013, by Calum Waddell

Tsukamoto on Tokyo Fist

Speaking about Tokyo Fist with NEO, Tsukamoto admits that "the biggest challenge in making that movie was with the story. The film involves a disturbed man in a triangle relationship and then it shows him becoming involved in boxing in Tokyo and he becomes very violent... so just making the character believable was the biggest difficulty for me..." The director also reveals to us that Tokyo Fist remains his number one achievement to date. "Tokyo Fist is still my favourite film," he affirms. "Of course, all of my films are like my children to me, and I love them all, but I still get feedback about Tokyo Fist from a lot of people who tell me how much they enjoyed it. This does please me and of all my films it is one I like to go back and watch the most. You know, it is interesting, in my normal life I am quite content but when you go to the movies you want to escape from this normality and, for me, it is like being on a ghost train ride or a rollercoaster - as an artist, I enjoy the beauty of taking something that is everyday and setting it against the back drop of very horrific or violent events. You create a fantasy world for your audience."

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