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17:00 - 27th April 2014, by Calum Waddell

Laos-living in The Rocket

Kim Mordaunt's The Rocket was Australia's official selection for this year's Academy Awards, and has already won a series of festival awards. It's also the first Laotian language films that NEO has reviewed. In fact, it is also the first film set in Laos that we have looked at. Director Kim Mordaunt was inspired to write this movie after making his 2007 documentary Bomb Harvest, which focuses on some of the country's children and their cribbing of scrap metal from bombs that have been left over from the Vietnam War.

Laos itself is currently something of a tourist hotspot - usually visited whilst backpackers do the usual Southeast Asian trek of Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. The country, which has a population of approximately 6.5 million, is landlocked between its neighbouring nations (which also includes the Myanmar) and remains very poor. The scenic capital, Vientiane, is located on the banks of the Mekong River, and is far sleepier than comparable cities such as Saigon or Cambodia's disorganised sprawl Pnomh Penh. Despite being ruled by a notoriously authoritarian government, Laos is quickly becoming a well-worn destination among travellers and if The Rocket encourages you to take a trip there, we reckon you would be best doing so before the inevitable, and unwelcome, glut of KFC and McDonalds pop up.

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