12:01 - 7th November 2012, by David West

Beijing Independent Film Festival in Newcastle

The Beijing Independent Film Festival is coming to Newcastle on 9 November 2012.

This will be the first ever UK branch of the Beijing Independent Film Festival and will showcase the latest works from Chinese independent filmmakers.

Three of the four documentaries will be UK premieres and admission to all films is free. All you need to do is register for a place in advance.

There will be a Q&A session with director Zheng Kuo via Skype after the screening of his film The Cold Winter and Dr Luke Robinson from Nottingham University will give the opening speech.

The event is supported by the Research Centre in Film & Digital Media, Newcastle University, and Li Xianting Film Fund, Beijing.

The films to be screened are:
10.00AM - The Next Life, director: Fan Jian, 2011
The story of Ye Hongmei, a 40-year old woman longing to get pregnant after losing her daughter in the devastating Sichuan earthquake of 2008. The director Fan Jian worked as an ethnographer to document the surge of child-birth after the Sichuan earthquake.

11.45AM - Beijing Besieged By Waste, director: Wang Jiuliang, 2011
For over two years Wang Jiuliang, an independent photographer, set off on a journey on his motorcycle to visit nearly 500 dumps around Beijing as the city becomes surrounded by its own waste.

2.00PM - The Cold Winter, director: Zheng Kuo, 2011
A group of contemporary artists struggle to stop their studio being demolished. Conflict, suspicion and recrimination grow among these artists during their protest against real estate development.

4.20PM - Shattered, director: Xu Tong, 2011
The 80-year-old resident of a small village in North-East China recounts his life, including living through the Cultural Revolution, creating a social and historical portrait of the country.

Beijing Independent Film Festival UK Tour Newcastle
Time: 9.00AM - 6.00PM Friday 9 November 2012
Venue: Culture Lab Space 4/5, Newcastle University
Organisers: Sabrina Q. Yu and Lydia Wu
Sponsors: Centre of Film and Digital Media, Newcastle University and Li Xianting
Film Fund

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