13:15 - 6th January 2013, by David West

The Fifth Pan Asia Film Festival Coming In March

Asia House presents the Fifth Pan Asia Film Festival, bringing a selection of independent films to UK audiences from 6 to 17 March 2013.

So far five films have been confirmed for this year's line up:

Poor Folk, Taiwan/Burma/Thailand
Directed by Midi Z, whose film Return To Burma was released here by Terracotta, Poor Folk is about two siblings who are separated while crossing between Burma and Thailand. Unfolding in two parallel narratives in Bangkok and rural Thailand, they become caught up in world of crime and exploitation.

Patang, India
Prashant Bhargava's film is a moving and poetic journey to Ahmedabad, the home of India's largest kite festival, where the spectacular sight of one million kites flying above the city is the backdrop to a moving story of a family facing up to potentially devastating secrets.

Tormented 3D, Japan
The UK premiere of the new horror film from Takashi Shimizu starring Hikari Mitsushima from Love Exposure and Sawako Decides. She plays a young woman who is drawn into her brother's disturbing dreams in which they are pursued by a strange toy rabbit.

111 Girls, Iran
A fascinating debut from Nahid Ghobadi, 111 Girls is a satirical tale of
a government bureaucrat's strange journey into Iranian Kurdistan to find a community of young women who have threatened mass suicide.

Headshot, Thailand
Pen-ek Ratanaruang, one of Thailand's most inventive filmmakers, delivers a Buddhist twist on the noir thriller, as a cop-turned-killer finds karma catching up with him after he literally begins to see the world upside down.

More films and screening venues will be announced in the next few weeks.

You can check out the festival's website,, but it has not been updated with the 2013 line up yet.

For the full range of activities organised by Asia House, visit

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