13:55 - 24th January 2013, by David West

The Woodsman And The Rain Out On 28 January

Shuichi Okita's The Woodsman And The Rain comes to DVD in January from Third Window Films.

The movie stars Koji Yakusho from Shall We Dance? and Takashi Miike's magnificent 13 Assassins, alongside Crows Zero star Shun Oguri and Kengo Kora from Fish Story.

The plot concerns Katsu (Yakusho), a lumberjack in a small rural town with a knack for predicting when it is about to start raining, whose work is disrupted one day by a film crew, asking him to keep the noise down while they shoot a take.

Katsu is roped in to help the production find suitable locations, but is frustrated by the quiet, young director Koichi (Oguri), who seems completely lacking in self confidence.

Slowly a friendship forms between the gruff lumberjack and the nervous filmmaker as Katsu starts to enjoy the movie business and Koichi tentatively starts to come out of his shell.

Third Window Films is pressing ahead with the release of The Woodsman And The Rain on Monday 28 January 2013, despite the uncertainty surrounding the fate of retailers HMV, Fopp, Blockbuster and Play.

In light of the retail chains' difficulties, Third Window is pushing back the release dates of several other titles in the hopes it will allow time for the future of the various companies to be resolved.

The releases affected are:
For Love's Sake - Takashi Miike's musical has been moved back to 10 June 2013.

The double bill of Eyes Of The Spider and Serpent's Path by Kiyoshi Kurosawa will be postponed until late summer.

The release of the raunchy Hong Kong comedy Vulgaria will remain unchanged as 15 April 2013.

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