09:38 - 6th August 2012, by David West

Third Window Acquires Vulgaria and The Woodsman And The Rain

Third Window Films has announced, via Twitchfilm, the acquisition of two new titles, Vulgaria and The Woodsman And The Rain.

2012 has been a busy year for Pang Ho-Cheung. He has already released Love In The Buff, the sequel to his hit comedy Love In A Puff. Now he follows that up with his satirical take on the movie business Vulgaria.

Chapman To stars as a movie producer who needs money to pay his ex-wife alimony so he can see his daughter. Desperate for a pay day, he agrees to produce a remake of a 70s erotic movie, Confessions Of A Concubine.

Unfortunately, the gangster financing the film wants the original leading lady to reprise her role.

Shot in 12 days and with a largely improvised script, Vulgaria pushes the limits of Cantonese comedy with its raunchy subject and foul-mouthed script. The trailer can be seen by clicking here and BE WARNED, it is full of bad language and sexual references.

The second of Third Window's acquisitions is from Japan. Shuichi Okita's The Woodsman And The Rain concerns a lumberjack who winds up being roped in to help the director of a low budget zombie movie.

Katsu (Koji Yakusho) is at work in the forest one day when a production assistant comes up and asks him to keep the noise down as there is a film shoot close by.

Asked to help the crew find locations, Katsu meets Koichi (Shun Oguri), the young director who is rapidly losing confidence in the whole enterprise. But even as Koichi loses enthusiasm, Katsu starts to enjoy being involved in the movie business.

The trailer is below.

Both movies will be released on DVD in 2013.

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