11:02 - 27th February 2015, by NEO Staff

Gun Woman

Opening with a sequence in which a naked woman takes a shower only to be shot through the head by an intruder… well, you more or less know from there what you are going to get from Gun Woman. This is a low budget, shot-on-video movie from the same school of splatter-horror that gave us The Machine Girl and Meatball Machine. As with these cast-strapped efforts, the inherent ‘fun’ has more to do with the execution of numerous disgusting special effects than in any particular plot intricacies or character development. Asami, an ex-adult movie star from Japan, handles herself reasonably well as a junkie turned hardened warrior, thanks to a mad, wealthy scientist who wants her to kill the man who slaughtered his wife. Unfortunately, there is some horrifying misogyny in here (in particular a vile scene in which a nude woman is cut to ribbons and left to bleed to death) whilst the overall idea echoes that old Hong Kong slice of hokum, Naked Weapon (2002). As such, there are no great surprises, and – for a film sold on its sense of skin and sanguine – a surprising amount of dull exposition. Fans of Asami will no doubt enjoy the performer disrobing and packing a mean pistol, and there is every indication that she is having the time of her life doing so. Those who howled along to the outrageousness of The Machine Girl may still find plenty to love, but others will probably feel it shoots a lot of blanks…

Asami comes out of Gun Woman quite well, whilst the gory wonders are occasionally eye-opening – but this is too cheap and nasty to be much fun…
SCORE: 2/5
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