16:00 - 17th July 2015, by Calum Waddell

The Dragon’s Snake Fist

Anyone expecting anything except the same old, same old from The Dragon Snake’s Fist will probably be hugely disappointed. This is a familiar old story, typical of this genre, about two warring schools of kung-fu – one of them the more heroic and progressive ‘dragon snake’ style, and the other the ‘crane fist’ approach which also happens to be associated with some arrogant thugs. The star of this action-packed opus, produced in South Korea and released to general obscurity back in 1981, is Dragon Lee – who gained something approaching stardom as a Bruce Lee lookalike (despite the fact his ethnicity belonged to a different part of Asia). Lee has some of the expected mannerisms down to a B-movie level of perfection, though, and he has quite a lot of charisma in his own right – as this often ignored footnote in chopsocky mayhem indicates. With lines such as, “You are now saying that you think crane fist is useless? You bastard!” and “Why all the killings? What’s the reason? Why?”, this is not exactly Shakespeare, but it is certainly a lot of fun. Also coming complete with crash zooms into agitated faces, some scenic mountainous locations, a cast that is not afraid to ham it up, and a solid final fight (complete with the odd mangled face), The Dragon’s Snake Fist is neither the best nor the worst example of the tail-end of Bruce Lee mania. However, it is certainly worth its place in Terracotta’s increasingly impressive collection of titles that offer these relics a new breath of life on DVD.

Insanely silly and thoroughly unoriginal, this dragon doesn’t breathe fire, but when it flies, it soars.
SCORE: 3.5/5
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