16:19 - 29th January 2013, by David West

Michelle Yeoh Back In Action For Reign Of Assassins

Over the last ten years, one of Asia's greatest action stars has devoted her energies to dramas rather than martial arts.

After high kicking her way to stardom in action classics like Police Story III: Supercop alongside Jackie Chan, battling alongside Jet Li in Tai Chi Master and introducing mainstream Western audiences to the delights of the wu xia pian in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Michelle Yeoh stepped away from her action roots.

She was terrific in the bio-pic The Lady and the wartime drama The Children Of Huang Shi but woefully underused in Yuen Wo Ping's True Legend.

Happily, Michelle Yeoh takes flight once again in Su Chao-Bin's Reign Of Assassins.

Drizzle is one of the top assassins in the Dark Stone, a secret society of slayers in China led by the Wheel King (Wang Xueqi).

The Dark Stone is on the hunt for the remains of Bodhi, the monk who brought the secrets of the martial arts to China. When Drizzle comes into possession of the remains, which are said to possess mystical powers, she flees the Dark Stone and goes into hiding.

Living under a new identity as a humble cloth merchant called Zeng Jing (Michelle Yeoh), she finds a fresh start in a new city, but the Dark Stone killers will stop at nothing to claim the monk's remains for their own evil ends.

Reign Of Assassins was produced and co-directed by John Woo with action direction by Stephen Tung who has won Best Action Direction four times at the Hong Kong Film Awards for his work on Downtown Torpedoes in 1997, Purple Storm in 1999, The Accidental Spy in 2001 and Bodyguards And Assassins in 2010.

Check out the review in NEO 107, out now, and don't miss this triumphant return to form for the amazing Michelle Yeoh when Reign Of Assassins opens in UK cinemas on 15 February 2013 from Entertainment One.

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