21:27 - 4th February 2013, by David West

Anthony Wong Takes Centre Stage For Ip Man: The Final Fight

Following on from his 2010 film Ip Man: The Legend Is Born, director Herman Yau returns to the subject of the late kung fu master again with Ip Man: The Final Fight.

Where Yau's first film about Ip Man was a highly fictional account of Ip's life as a young man, this time around the new movie looks at Ip as an old man.

Stepping into the shoes of the Wing Chun kung fu legend is Anthony Wong, one of Hong Kong cinema's most recognizable faces and character actors.

According to a story in the Hollywood Reporter, Wong has been a lifelong student of Pa Kua kung fu and devoted several months to training in Wing Chun for the role.

Joining him in the cast are Eric Tsang, Gillian Chung, Anita Yuen, Dennis To, and Ken Lo.

Eric Tsang, like Wong, is a Hong Kong movie veteran. He is best known for comedy roles - he was one of the Lucky Stars in the 1980s - and proved he could do drama in Infernal Affairs.

Fans will get to see another side of Tsang in Ip Man: The Final Fight as he plays a rival kung fu master versed in the White Crane style.

Ip Man's real life son, Ip Chun, is listed as making an appearance in the movie, following up his memorable cameo in The Legend Is Born.

Yau's movie will open in Hong Kong in April 2013, a few months after Wong Kar-Wai's The Grandmaster starring Tony Leung as Ip Man.

If that was not enough Wing Chun for you, Wilson Yip is planning a third film in his series with Donnie Yen, although at present Donnie is busy with his 3D remake of the 1989 classic The Iceman Cometh and his version of Journey To The West called The Monkey King.

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