11:15 - 5th March 2013, by David West

Girls On A Mission In The Huntresses Trailer

During the Joseon Dynasty, three young women work as bounty hunters for hire.

The leader of the trio is Jin-ok (Ha Ji-won), a mistress of disguise with a talent for inventing exotic weapons.

Hong-dan (Kang Ye-won) is the only member of the team who is married, but she is much better at acrobatics and throwing daggers than cooking or cleaning.

Ga-bi (Son Ga In) is the youngest of the group and a natural born scrapper.

Together they face the evil schemes of the deadly swordsman Sa-hyun (Joo Sang-wook).

Directed by Park Je-hyun, The Huntresses is set to open in South Korea in May 2013.

Judging by the trailer The Huntresses contains a mix of action and comedy in a similar vein to the Charlie's Angels movies, set against a period backdrop, and the original Korean title of the movie was Three Joseon Angels.

Leading lady Ha Ji-won is no stranger to this territory thanks to her starring roles in the Korean TV series Damo about a female agent during the Joseon Dynasty and Lee Myung-se's visually gorgeous martial arts thriller Duelist.

Kang Ye-won was in the Korean disaster movie Haeundae, alongside Ha Ji-won. The film was released here in the UK as Tidal Wave by Optimum.

Ga In should be familiar to Kpop fans as she is one of the members of the Brown Eyed Girls and has a successful solo career. She has previously acted in a Korean TV sitcom.

No word yet on whether any UK distributors are looking at picking up the movie. Is this something you'd like to see over here?

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