22:36 - 12th March 2013, by David West

New Trailer For Andy Lau's Switch - With English Subtitles!

The first teaser for Andy Lau's Switch first appeared back in May 2012.

The exact release date for the film remains a secret. It was originally planned for October 2012 but the date has been repeatedly pushed back.

The first delay was the result of the film's music composer, Tan Yizhe, falling ill and then it was bumped from 2012 to 2013 to allow more time for the digital special effects to be finished.

On the plus side, the new trailer has English subtitles!

Andy plays Xiao Jinhan, a secret agent out to recover the two halves of an ancient scroll painting from the Yuan Dynasty called Dwelling In The Fuchun Mountains.

However he is not the only person hunting for the painting. Insurance agent Lin Yuyan (Zhang Jingchu) does not approve of Xiao's extra-legal methods and wants to find the painting in the name of law and order.

The cast includes Tong Dawei - that's him with the blond hair in the trailer - as a Japanese yakuza after the scroll and Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling - that's her with the long legs.

Surprisingly, given Lau's massive box office clout across Asia, the movie marks the first time in the director's chair for Jay Sun, aka Sun Jianjun.

Jay will have had able support on set from veteran stunt and action coordinator Bob Brown, whose credits include the Hollywood blockbusters Pearl Harbor, The Rock and Iron Man.

If you can read Chinese, why not check out the official Switch Facebook page?

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