23:12 - 6th March 2012, by David West

Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yue Enjoy Love In The Buff

Pang Ho-Cheung's Love In A Puff was a hit when released in Hong Kong in 2010. The movie was the story of the romance between Cherie (Miriam Yeung) and Jimmy (Shawn Yue). The two meet when Hong Kong passes a law banning smoking in public buildings so they are forced to go outside to grab their nicotine fixes.
Now in 2012 Pang Ho-Cheung brings the smoky pair back to the screen for another round of romance in Love In The Buff.
"In the summer of 2009, frustrated with the nonsense that was going on in my life, I decided to give my brain a long vacation," says Pang. "Without a specific script to work with, I chose to incorporate bits and pieces of my life into my next project and ended up with Love in a Puff. One day in 2010, I happened to open the email account I have set up for the character of the film. I noticed the emails were all addressed to Cherie Yu the character, not Miriam Yeung, the actress. Apparently people realized the character was fictitious but they still identified with her. I was deeply impressed and decided to give the characters an extended life."
"In 2011, my wife and I went to work in Beijing. Since the lead characters of the film were loosely based on us, naturally I gave Cherie and Jimmy a new life in Beijing as well."
The film, in which the lovers have split up but cross paths again when they both move to Beijing for work, opens in Hong Kong on 29 March. It is hard to ignore that the typeface used in the trailer makes it look as though the movie is called "Love In The Butt", but we suspect that would be a very different film indeed.

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