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15:42 - 17th August 2012, by David West

Sun Honglei Brings The Bad In Lethal Hostage Trailer

If you happen to be in China this weekend and fancy a movie, why not check out Lethal Hostage?

The new action thriller from director Cheng Er stars Sun Honglei as a drug dealer who kidnaps a little girl and ends up raising her himself.

As an adult, played by Wang Luodan, she is in love with her former abductor in a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome.

She tries to convince him to give up his life of crime, but he wants to pull off one more big job that will allow him to walk away a rich man. As long as he survives.

The cast includes Ni Dahong, Yang Kun and Zhang Mo.

Sun Honglei is a big star in China and several of his films have been released here in the UK including Mongol, Blood Brothers, Triangle, Zhang Yimou's Blood Simple and Tsui Hark's Seven Swords.

He makes a great bad guy so no doubt he'll be an impressive anti-hero.

The movie opens in Chinese cinemas today. Would you like to see it get picked up for the UK?

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