17:28 - 21st August 2012, by David West

Trailer for Andrew Lau's The Guillotines

Andrew Lau, the director of Infernal Affairs and Peter Chan, producer of Bodyguards And Assassins and director of The Warlords, have teamed up for the new action blockbuster, The Guillotines.

The story is set during the Qing Dynasty. The Guillotines are a squad of assassins established by Emperor Yong Zheng to dispose of his enemies. They take their name from their chosen weapon, a lethal device capable of decapitating any target from a distance.

Over 348 missions, they have never failed.

When a new Emperor, Qian Long, ascends to power he sends the Guillotines up against Wolf and his Shepherd Gang who are opposed to the Manchurian-born Qing rulers, but the mission goes badly wrong.

With one of their own number taken hostage by Wolf and with the Emperor's top secret agent Du out to prove he can replace them, the Guillotines face their greatest challenge.

The film is an update of the 1975 classic The Flying Guillotine which starred kung fu great Chen Kuan-Tai.

Lau's new movie stars Huang Xiaoming as Wolf, alongside Ethan Juan, Li Yuchun, Boran Jing as members of the Guillotines. 70s kung fu legend Jimmy Wang Yu plays Gong-e, the chief commander of the Guillotines while Shawn Yue plays Agent Du.

Lee Tat-Chiu handles the action direction. He won the award for Best Action choreography in 2009 for Bodyguards And Assassins and was Keanu Reeves' martial arts instructor on The Matrix.

The movie opens in Asia later this year from Media Asia. Check out the official Facebook page if you read Chinese.

Would you like to see this over here in the UK?

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