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13:00 - 9th June 2013, by NEO Staff

Animal Crossing profile: Isabelle

We're bringing you a character profile from Animal Crossing: New Leaf every day this week in the run up to the launch of the game on the 3DS on 14 June. Today it's the turn of trusty Isabelle, one of the first characters you'll meet in the game.

Isabelle is named Shizue in the Japanese version, and is a yellow dog who assists you as mayor of your town. Originally called Hisho, which means secretary, Isabelle will do all of your paperwork for you with a smile, although her absent minded nature might mean you should check over her work before it's too late! Isabelle may be clumsy and absent-minded, but she takes her duty to the town mayor very seriously, and is always on hand if you have any questions regarding gameplay. As well as this, she is the character you come to in order to improve your town with public works projects - which include everything from park benches and fountains to bridges, new buildings and more! Isabelle sits behind her desk in the Town Hall from dawn until dusk, making us wonder whether she actually ever sleeps. Her neat plaid waistcoat and shirt are always freshly pressed, so she must go home some time... Digby, who runs the Happy Home Showcase, is her little brother.

Dogs hold a special place in the heart of the Animal Crossing developers, because many of the special characters in the game are also of the canine variety. Booker and Cooper are both police officers who can be unlocked later in the game who have somewhat contrasting attitudes to their jobs! Harriet is a poodle who runs - what else - the beauty parlour in the town, also unlockable at a later stage. And finally, KK Slider is perhaps the coolest hound of them all - keep checking back for a profile all about the canine crooner later in the week!

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