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13:00 - 10th June 2013, by NEO Staff

Animal Crossing profile: Tortimer

The Animal Crossing countdown is truly heating up - New Leaf will launch on the Nintendo 3DS console at the end of the week, on 14 June. In the run up, we're giving NEO fans a peek behind the scenes at some of the game's most iconic characters.

Tortimer should be familiar to Animal Crossing fans, as he has appeared in every game except the original, way back on the Nintendo 64. Tortimer is a professional mayor, and therefore takes his civic duties very seriously - appearing for major town events and bestowing gifts on players. However, in New Leaf, Tortimer decides to take a backseat to the proceedings, and is therefore retired from the political game. That leaves the mayoral seat open - for you! Who knew mayors did so much work? In New Leaf, the responsibility of signing off on public works projects is down to the new mayor (the first player to start up the game), as well as the ability to set shop opening times and prices. Now, don't let all that power go to your head!

Retirement is no guarantee of an easy life, however. Tortimer has moved away from the town to a tropical island paradise only reachable by a pricey 1000 Bell boat trip provided by Kapp'n. There, in perpetual sunshine, Tortimer works as a tour guide, taking players through a variety of mini games to earn them island currency, which is called medals. These medals can be exchanged for clothing, flowers and plants, furniture and other items on the island, but are worthless everywhere else. Tortimer's tropical getaway is rich with wildlife and a trip there will net you bags of bells - but make sure to sell your items back in town, as the island residents pay poorly for fish, insects and fruit.

Tortimer is an incredibly old tortoise, and his past life is shrouded in mystery. His wife, Mrs. Tortimer, is no longer around, and his riches are said to have come from playing the turnip market. But why are there no taxes in town, and just how did Tortimer get elected in the first place? Best not to speculate on the past - after all, perhaps Tortimer retired and moved away for a reason...

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