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08:13 - 11th June 2013, by NEO Staff

Animal Crossing Profile: Blathers

It's getting ever closer to that all-important release date for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and today we're bringing you a character profile for everyone's favourite learned owl, Blathers. His name comes from the word 'blather' - which, of course, means to ramble without meaning. But that seems a bit unfair to poor Blathers - sure, he sometimes goes off on a tangent, but you'd be hard pressed to find another animal in town who knows more about the natural world!

Blathers spends his days and nights in the museum, and, as its curator, is on hand to accept new donations of fish, fossils, insects and painting for its various wings and collections. Blathers might be sleepy during the day (he's a night owl, y'know), but he'll definitely perk up once you pass him something the museum doesn't already have! In past games you'd have to hand Blathers each item individually for consideration, but New Leaf speeds up the proceedings considerably, allowing you to bulk submit your exhibits.

If there's one thing that Blathers doesn't like about his job, it's handling insects. Well, who can blame him - some of them are a bit scary! But wait... don't owl eat insects?! We guess Blathers must be a more refined sort of bird - after all, he wears a rather smart checked jumper which is hardly typical of his kind!

Although many of the animals in this gaming franchise have somewhat murky backgrounds, Blathers has a backstory that involves him studying at university and gaining several degrees, before starting on his doctorate. However, Blathers never finished his studying, and instead was called to his current vocation, curating the museum in your town. Make sure you reward his personal sacrifice by bringing him nature's bounty! But Blathers hasn't abandoned the call of higher education all together - during the course of the Animal Crossing franchise, he managed to complete a fossil identification course, meaning that whenever you dig one up in your town, you can take it to him for instant identification!

Blathers also has a sister who works with him on the second floor of the museum, tending to the gift shop where you can buy fancy museum-related goods such as silver shovels and themed wallpaper. She'll also allow you to rent space for your own personal collections!

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