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11:17 - 25th June 2013, by NEO Staff

Rock, Paper, Shuriken

NEO: Why did you decide to make a game based on the SD-style of Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth rather than Naruto Shippuden?
Inti Creates: The challenge was to create a new style of Naruto game, and as a result we decided to use the character designs from Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth. This game merges the cute characters of Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth with the serious story and powerful enemies of Naruto Shippuden in the form of a side-scrolling mission-based action game.

Jessica Marek: Which Naruto characters feature in the game?
The playable characters include Naruto Uzumaki and Rock Lee. Their two modes are widely different from each other. There are 14 support characters including Sakura and Guy, and 11 boss characters that include Deidara, Sasuke, Kakashi, Guy, Lee and Naruto. There are also a handful of characters that only appear during event scenes.

Morgan Mizu Whitlock: Does Rock Lee perform any funny attacks like he does in Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth?
Rock Lee has several funny attacks such as "eyebrow shuriken" or "morning gorilla" that were in the series. Players will be able to enjoy a variety of unique actions.

Emiline Marshall: Out of all the characters that appear in Powerful Shippuden, which one is your favourite?
My personal favourite character is Hinata. Her earnest emotions for Naruto and brave efforts are extremely admirable. When you call her as support in this game, she sometimes leaves a healing item when she retreats. This was not a part of the original plans, but was added later due to my own wishes.

Angus Goldie-Scot: What challenges did you face while developing for the 3DS? Was it a tough choice deciding when to use the touch-screen and when to use the buttons?
The characters in this game were created using "vector graphics". Vector graphics take approximately the same amount of time and effort as animation creation so we needed to develop with the mindset of having no bugs. This method would allow us to illustrate the characters in a cute, miniaturized anime style but largely increases the amount of memory required to run. The difficulty of adapting this for the 3DS was foreseen from the start but thanks to the hard work of our staff, we were able to accomplish our desired character displays.

NEO: What's been the best thing about developing Naruto Powerful Shippuden?
First and foremost, it was an honour to be able to work on Naruto. During development, we created a demo version for the event "Saikyo V Jump Festa" in Japan and held a Time Attack Tournament. The event was aimed towards children in elementary school so we were concerned they wouldn't be able to understand the controls. But seeing so many people having fun playing our game was an extremely happy moment for us.

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