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16:10 - 3rd February 2014, by NEO Staff


Continuing with our Elsword character profile series, we have Raven, another member of Elsword's crew!

At 24, Raven is older than the other human characters, and his life story is a tragic one. A commoner from birth in the Kingdom of Velder, he rose to become Captain of the Crow Mercenary Knights through hard work and dedication. However, this incited the jealousy of nobles who hated to see a commoner given such a high position. For revenge, they framed him, and he was sentenced to waste away in prison. However, his comrades and fiancée rescued him, taking him to the forests of Velder. The group were discovered and slaughtered one by one by Velder soldiers, and the distraught Raven vowed revenge on those who had murdered his friends. He was granted a Nasod capsule by a mysterious figure in order to take his bloody vengeance. After becoming the leader of the Velder Rebellion, he fought against his countrymen and blindly destroyed everything he once protected. But he is now trying to atone for the damage he did on this destructive quest, and has joined Elsword and his friends in order to find the missing El. He uses a mechanical Nasod arm to devastating effect in close combat.

Elsword is a online massively multiplayer beat-em-up game from Korea, and it can accessed for free at now!

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