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13:00 - 27th July 2013, by NEO Staff

Elsword - Fields

The world of Elsword is split between four different area types. Villages are where you use your money and crafting materials to improve your gear, modify your skills, found new guilds and evolve your pets from the dormant life crystal stage to full-grown adulthood. Resting Areas are similar to Villages but have more limited facilities. Dungeons are where you test your mettle against the biggest and baddest beasts that the game has to offer. And last but certainly not least, Fields are the adjoining areas that tie the rest of the 2D world together.

Unlike a Dungeon, a Field offers somewhere to collect currency and loot without being tied to a quest. You can practise your flashiest combos while waiting for other players to join your party and there'll always be plenty of fodder to farm as enemies will automatically respawn. Some will even remain neutral unless you attack them first. The biggest advantage of battling in the Field is that you can recharge your health by tapping V on the keyboard to let your character rest. It may not be the fastest way to heal your wounds but it'll certainly cut back on your health potion bills.

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