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Developed by KOG Studios, who previously helmed 2003's Grand Chase, Elsword is a free-to-play, 2.5 dimensional side-scrolling online role playing game, which can be accessed at With bold anime visuals, the game is set in a fantasy world that sees you playing as one of six major characters, travelling the land of Elrios in order to defeat foes and gain experience to unlock skills and new job classes.

In the land of Elrios, all life was powered by the mystical El Stone. However, this stone has been stolen, leaving it up to Elsword and his friends to find the thieves, return the stone and restore the world back to its normal balance. Along the way, each of the main characters has a personal story arc that develops as the plot unfolds, and battling takes place on a side-scrolling screen that allows furious beat-em-up style action using combo moves that translate into quick and varied attacks depending on your character type.

The gaming world is divided into regions which contain towns and dungeons. The richly illustrated towns are depicted with surprising detail, and of course, offer you the opportunity to be offered quests and rewards. As you gain experience and complete these quests, you can expand your skill tree and specialise your character's class, making you a force to be reckoned with in Elsword!

Elsword is free-to-play, but offers you opportunities to pay for costumes and other customisable options for your character, giving you the chance to stand out in the virtual world. With the game's beautiful cel-shaded style, there's plenty of eye candy on offer - so let's check out the motley crew of characters you can opt to play through Elsword's virtual world with!

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