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12:00 - 18th January 2014, by NEO Staff

Elsword - Monsters

What would an MMO be without a wide range of challenging baddies, beasts, creatures and critters to turn into experience points? Pretty boring would be our guess. So it's to Elsword's credit that KOG Studios has managed to cram so many monsters into what is essentially a free-to-play game. Things start out small in the Ruben region with Tree Knights that remind us of Mokujin from Tekken and Fairy Guardians that are much less dainty than their name suggests, but it isn't long before you're dodging the King Armadillo at Bethma Lake and going toe-to-toe with the spear-wielding Maggurd in Velder.

To stay one step ahead of the monsters you need to make full use of your character's repertoire of skills, and these are partly dictated by your chosen class. Elsword, for instance, starts out as a lowly Knight, but once you sail past level 15 and eventually level 35, you can walk the path of a Lord Knight, Rune Slayer or Infinity Sword. The latter is particularly interesting as it lets you wield two swords instead of one for twice the carnage. And if that wasn't enough, at level 20 you can buy a Skill Notebook that lets you modify your skills with additional properties.

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