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09:33 - 16th January 2014, by NEO Staff

Elsword - PVP Arena

No MMO would be complete without some kind of PVP element, and thankfully, Elsword doesn't disappoint. The PVP Arena becomes available in its entirety once you reach level 10 - something you should be able to achieve within an afternoon of plundering. The Arena is run by an NPC named Camilla who you'll first encounter in the town of Elder. You'll be able to recognise her thanks to her red and white uniform, bandaged arms and the clipboard she always seems to be carrying. Maybe the Elsword equivalent of Apple is still working on a rune powered iPad?

Before you aim for the top spot on the official Elsword rankings it's best to make use of the Free Training and Practise Battle rooms. Here you can hone your skills against training dummies and sparring partners before fighting other online players in a frenzied match. You can choose to battle one-on-one in an ultimate "there can be only one" style standoff or fill the screen with flashy pyrotechnics in a three-on-three deathmatch. Then once you've racked up some Arena Points and purchased some of the Arena-specific gear, you can try your luck against one of the Epic NPCs. As you can probably guess, these guys hit very, very hard.

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