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10:00 - 17th January 2014, by NEO Staff

Elsword - NPCs

As much as NPCs like spouting the same line over and over again like a dodgy vinyl, they're also invaluable when it comes to upgrading gear, buying provisions and accepting quests. Elsword is no exception. Most of the villages you come across will have a shop for equipment, a store for accessories and an NPC who's skilled in alchemy. By selecting the right materials you can perform basic upgrades that will enhance the overall stats of your equipment. You can also socket your weapons and armour with special gems that confer specific buffs - be it increased damage or added resistance to one of the game's six element weaknesses.

Most of the NPCs you meet are residents of a particular village, but there are also five travelling NPCs who offer a very specific service. Aranka handles everything to do with guild creation when you feel like banding together with other players under one virtual roof. Camilla is the mistress of the PVP Arena. Luriel is the teller at the CoBo Bank and will help you store your plunder once your character's pockets are full. Helen is the legendary merchant who appears in all the Resting Arenas. And finally, Glaive is the masked figure that runs the brutal boss rush quests at Henir's Time and Space.

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