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14:46 - 16th December 2013, by NEO Staff

Bravely Default - Character Profile - Agnes Oblige

This beautiful and dainty young woman is actually the Vestal of Wind - a very important and holy person in her realm. She has spent her entire life praying to one of the four holy crystals, living in seclusion and sheltered away from the rest of the world. However, her existence is thrown into chaos when the Crystal of Wind is consumed by the same mysterious darkness that appears to have sucked Tiz's village of Norende into nothingness.

Despite her sheltered existence, as soon as the Wind Crystal is overcome, Agnes sets out on a quest to purify it - she may be petite, but she's no shrinking violet! Her task is made that much more difficult by the Eternian Air Force, who are pursuing her for the power of the crystal. She soon encounters Tiz, and is reluctant to allow him to team up with her, as she believes that she alone must face the difficulties that await, as part of her position of responsibility as the vestal. She certainly has an arduous task ahead - maybe she needs some more help...?

Join us next week for a new Bravely Default character profile! The game is out now on Nintendo 3DS!

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