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12:00 - 30th December 2013, by NEO Staff

Bravely Default - Character Profile - Edea Lee

While Ringabel has an eye for all the members of the fairer sex, his gaze most often falls upon Edea Lee. Unfortunately for him, she is no swooning damsel in distress - in fact, she's more than capable of holding her own, despite being the youngest member of the group. Edea is a member of the Eterian Army, which is trying to capture all of the crystals and their vestals - and the group which is currently hunting down Agnes. However, after seeing firsthand the suffering and violence wrought at the hands of the Eternian generals, Edea decides to join the crew and turn her back on her compatriots. It's more than just a simple matter of handing in her notice, though - her father is in charge of the Eternian council itself, meaning that he has both the will and the way to hunt her down.

With her strong sense of justice, and her black and white ideas of morality, Edea must relearn everything she thought she knew about her people, and her sense of honour, as she joins Agnes on her journey. Join the crew as they battle it out for survival in Bravely Default, out now on the Nintendo 3DS!

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