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16:35 - 11th February 2014, by NEO Staff

Ara - Elsword Character Profile

Wielding a spear, decked in orange and white, this 17-year-old martial artist seems shy at first, but in fact, she's masking a battle-hardened and wise sensibility. With incredible skill and flexibility, this martial artist can inflict serious damage at long range using her spear, and has a range of dodging manoeuvres that come in very handy in a melee. Even more of a bonus - she can take on the form of the legendary Nine-Tailed Fox in battle, giving her incredible abilities including attribute increases and improvements to healing, attack speed and damage.

Ara comes from a warrior family, from a village in the northern part of Fluone, which contains a large, shattered El fragment. The fragment has been radiating powerful moon energy, making it a target for looters. One of these was Ara's own brother, Aren, who had been transformed into a demon general by a dark elf, and returned one night to the village to capture the Elstone. Ara was cornered by his forces by an altar, upon which was the hairpin of Eun. When Aren tried to kill Ara, she instinctively used the hairpin to protect herself, unleashing a powerful light and transforming her into the Nine-Tailed Fox. When she awoke from her stupor, Ara realised she had managed to fight off the demons, but the Elstone had been taken. The spirit of the fox then made a pact with Ara to help her find her brother in exchange for Ara returning the Elstone. Eventually, she meets up with Elsword on her quest, and she joins the band, hoping to complete her mission.

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