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11:00 - 4th May 2014, by NEO Staff

Super Vixen

When it comes to Asian games, the Japanese output tends to steal the limelight. If you have even a passing interest in Sony's PlayStation or Nintendo's consoles then you've probably heard of Final Fantasy, Tekken and Monster Hunter. These are huge franchises that sell in the millions and are steeped in Japanese traditions. But while the Japanese games industry is a world renowned juggernaut that's been instrumental in getting the medium where it is today, there's more to Asia than the likes of Square Enix and Capcom. South Korea, in particular, has a booming games industry that's responsible for inventive titles like Elsword.

This game can loosely be described as an MMO that combines RPG elements with a more action-orientated fighting system. If you've ever pulled off a dragon punch in Street Fighter, then imagine the same style of control system in a vibrant world with lots of side-scrolling enemies. It's the sort of game that anyone can sample thanks to its modest hardware requirements and free-to-play structure, and with a new playable character and explorable region having just been introduced to the European servers, there's never been a better time to give it a shot.

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