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12:00 - 17th August 2014, by NEO Staff

Ace Combat Infinity

NEO: Please can you describe for NEO readers what the Ace Combat Infinity is about?
Kazutoki Kono: Ace Combat Infinity is the newest instalment of the Ace Combat series. It’s a flight shooter where you become an ace pilot and fight out vigorous battles, freely flying around 360 degrees in the skies. I’ve been creating the game cherishing this [concept]. In addition, since this game is a download exclusive free-to-play game, please light-heartedly download and get your hands on the game! “The Sky is Yours”: this Ace Combat was born in order to have the freedom in the sky in all of you, everyone’s hands!

What is fresh and new about this game in the franchise?
It’s the new multiplayer mode. In Online Co-op Missions mode, how you succeed is even up to the player! Freely fight with your own strategy and operation while feeling the presence of your allies! Your own success will pile up, and then you’ll notice, you already live up to the ace pilot. The day will come when you will fly your wings along with the world’s aces!

How does this game accommodate newcomers to the franchise?
As for the controls of the aircraft, we already have controls for newcomers prepared. This control has become significantly better through the series.
In addition, the benefit and quality of Ace Combat, ‘feeling the sensation by freely flying around, deciding to attack the enemy on your own and destroying it’ is plotted so that players will be able to experience it early in the game. Furthermore, we have been developing that game wishing that players will feel that “I’ve become an ace pilot without realizing!”

Why was it decided to make this game free to play?
It’s because I want to increase more people that like Ace Combat! I thought, when someone becomes interested in the game, they can light-heartedly download and play, and I wanted for the game to become the ‘home’ for those that like aircraft games one day. In order to do so, I wanted the game to be accessible as much as possible. Since it’s free to download, when you recommend it to friends it will be easier for them to take a try. I am wishing that the game will spread in that way.

What is it that appeals to you, and other gamers, about games like this?
You can enjoy playing alone or even with other friends. You can freely fly around and attack the enemies, it’s up to you to succeed, and one day, you realize that you are the ace pilot. That’s the appeal for this instalment!
As for the appeal in free-to-play, you can easily try it out when you become interested, and if you have fun, you can easily recommend it to your friends. In addition, the game style of lively “operating”, brings freshness and joy. And with the feedback from the players, the game becomes better! There are infinite possibilities in that kind of future.

Bandai Namco Games Europe’s Ace Combat Infinity is out now for PlayStation 3, and is free to download from the PlayStation store.

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