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11:00 - 4th April 2015, by NEO Staff

Monster Hunter Q&A

NEO: For the uninitiated, what is Monster Hunter?
Put simply, Monster Hunter is an action RPG. You play as a hunter and complete various quests in which you have to seek and slay monsters, while improving your skills and earning equipment upgrades.

NEO: Online multiplayer has been fully integrated into this game – can you explain more about how this works and why it was decided to upgrade this from the local multiplayer from previous games?
Japan is a relatively small island country with high population density, and a very high percentage of the population uses public transportation such as buses and trains, making it the ideal market for local multiplayer on handheld devices. However, in the west, online multiplayer is more popular due to people’s living situations, so we’ve added it to the new title and I hope to see all you veteran hunters out there showing the new guys the ropes when the game comes out!

NEO: Apart from the Guild Quest system, what else is new and exciting about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate?
Wow, where to start? There are brand new monsters such as the dark and menacing Gore Magala. We have two new weapons, the Insect Glaive and the Charge Blade. There are new mechanics such as a new feral state where monsters become extremely vicious and can affect hunters with a virus. You can visit multiple towns to complete hundreds of quests. It’s the greatest volume of content we’ve ever had in a Monster Hunter game!

NEO: What is your favourite aspect of the game?
Definitely the new vertical terrain which you can climb!

NEO: What is Monster Hunter’s place in Japan’s popular culture?
Monster Hunter 4 sold over four million copies in Japan, and Monster Hunter 4G has sold over two million. Our audience in Japan covers a wide range of ages, and there are many parents who play with their children, as well as couples who play together. I’ve heard from people who say they’ve become closer to their family as a result of playing the game together, which is really nice. There are even people who ended up getting married after meeting each other through the medium of Monster Hunter!

NEO: What are your hopes for the game’s reception in the west?
While we haven’t seen Monster Hunter become a hit in the west on the same scale as Japan, we’re seeing a western fan community for the series grow and hold all kinds of events in their own countries. We at Capcom want to nurture this kind of player-to-player community communication, and one thing that we think will really help boost the western popularity of the series is the online play feature which, with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, is the first time a handheld Monster Hunter game has been playable online. I’m hoping we’ll see the veteran hunters who’ve played the series before teaming up online with new hunters who are just getting into the series and showing them the ropes. All in all, while Monster Hunter’s popularity was explosive in Japan, I think we are seeing the fruits of our efforts in helping the community for the game grow gradually in the west and getting it into the hands of as many players as we can.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is out now for the Nintendo 3DS!

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