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11:07 - 8th September 2015, by NEO Staff

Run For Your Lives! It’s Godzilla!!

This summer, Bandai Namco Entertainment will unleash a horde of giant monster destruction when the brand new Godzilla game arrives in a burst of atomic-powered chaos. At the helm is producer Shunsuke Fujita, a lifelong fan of His Destructive Majesty. “The first Godzilla movie I saw was Godzilla vs. Biollante. Before I even saw the film, the poster made a lasting impression,” says Fujita-san, who picks the 1954 original and 1989’s Godzilla vs. Biollante as his favourite entries in the film franchise.

The new game allows players to control Godzilla or any of the other monsters from his adventures, including Mothra, Destoroyah and King Ghidorah. “In the game’s story mode, called Destruction Mode, the type of mission the player is given differs depending on the kaiju they choose to play as,” says Fujita-san. “If the user chooses a kaiju which generally destroys mankind, like Godzilla, then their mission is to destroy the city and enemy kaiju. If they choose a kaiju which generally tries to protect mankind, then their mission is to protect the city and defeat kaiju attacking the humans. Both modes are fun to play, so I cannot choose one or the other. The fun to be had smashing through the city as Godzilla, the intense mood felt trying to protect the humans as Super MechaGodzilla, each of these two situations are part of what makes the game fun.”

But Destruction Mode is just one option for experiencing maximum monster carnage. “King Of Kaiju Mode is all about seeing how many kaiju you can take down,” says Fujita-san. VS Mode allows player vs player action, Evolution Mode is about powering up the monsters and unlocking new ones, while Diorama Mode lets you pose the creatures in settings of your own creation. And there’s the Kaiju Guide, which Fujita-san says, “has awesome details about each kaiju, as well as behind-the-scenes info on the Godzilla movies.”

Friend or Foe?

In the six decades since his debut, Godzilla has been both mankind’s greatest threat and its staunchest defender – depending on the film. But Fujita-san isn’t sure it’s correct to call Godzilla a villain. “I believe the term ‘dark hero’ may better explain characters like Godzilla,” he says. “The kaiju are more than ‘villains’ and ‘heroes.’ There is an appeal to each kaiju’s role in the films. I think that’s what makes Godzilla and the other kaiju so fun to watch.”

One of the biggest challenges for Fujita-san and his team was to convey the sheer enormity of Godzilla and his fellow monsters as they battle for supremacy. “We had to implement many ideas to make Godzilla feel gigantic,” he explains. “One interesting feature included to this effect are special ‘Filming Locations’. The user can switch to camera angles from inside buildings, on the ground, and other locations. These camera angles help to convey the tremendous size and intensity of the kaiju. We were careful to always consider the look and feel of the kaiju from a human perspective. The kaiju also move slow enough to make them feel huge, but fast enough to make the game fun to play.”

Godzilla may be in his 60s, but his popularity shows no signs of waning. “Godzilla’s huge size and strength, as well as his character, are what I think have contributed to his popularity. The interesting story presented over the long movie history also brings out Godzilla’s character. Godzilla is out of the ordinary,” says Fujita-san. “He’s a hero and an anti-hero at the same time. What could be cooler than that?”

Godzilla comes to the PS3 and PS4 on 17 July from Bandai Namco Entertainment.

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