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09:39 - 9th August 2012, by David West

Your Tales Of Submissions

The new issue of NEO is out today! And if you have already picked yours up, you are sure to have noticed the very special Tales Of booklet that comes with the magazine in collaboration with Namco Bandai.

The booklet features wonderful fan created cosplays and artwork inspired by the Tales Of series.

You can read the short stories that were submitted for the contest here.

And now, check out the rest of the online entries:

Tales of a Careless Whisper by Sirlionhart.
Comment: The Ultimate Bond of Friendship made through the Musical sensation of George Micheal

A Gropers Needless Chase by Sirlionhart.
Comment: Pascal and Sophie's Friendship summed up in less then 40 seconds.

Misunderstood cooks by DreamyWind
Comment: A video skit I made a while ago, back when I got Vesperia, involving Lloyd, Genis, Yuri and Rita against Flynn and Raine.

Zelos' Bad Instinct by DreamyWind
Comment: Another video skit involving Zelos trying his luck with girls from various Tales Of. Still not finished though, but here's part 1.

Fatalize by Jairus
Comment: My favourite Tales song of all time. Always great for a blow out!

Chicken Soup For the Weary Soul by shiningbind/Liz
Comment: Dekuari (Alice x Decus fanfiction).

Tower by shiningbind/Liz
Comment: Drabble based on Colette before the first journey to the Tower of Salvation. This chapter is in a growing set of Symphonia-related oneshots, any of which I am offering up for submission if the reviewers like any above others.

On a Road to Solitude - Tales of Vesperia by Iseabail
Comment: This is a story I am writing for Tales of Vesperia, featuring some of the 'background' characters like Duke Pantarei and Alexei during the Great War. And Elucifer, how I saw him. Basically, my creative version. And because Duke was one of my most fav Tales characters ever.

Catching the Wind by MemoryDragon
Comment: A Tales of Vesperia fanfic written to prove that third wheel characters can have a meaningful impact on a story without demeaning any of the characters. Featuring the characters Flynn, Yuri, Sodia, and Repede.

Harsh Truth (Chapter 1) by Becca/Kazane Hime
Comment: This seems to be one of my most popular stories though not a lot of people actually review it. It has YurixSodia, YurixEstelle, and FlynnxRita :3

White Wishes by Becca/Kazane Hime
Comment: A kinda Self Insert kinda OC story for Tales of Graces F

Tales by AimoAio
Comment: A Tales AMV using all of the openings & FMV cutscenes from the Tales game series.

Lukes of my Heart by gamergirl
Comment: Natalia thinks about all the Lukes she has known.

Nothing Was the Same by gamergirl
Comment: Chester reflects on his life before and after Dhaos.

Please Come Back Home gamergirl
Comment: This is a songfic about how Tear reacts when Luke doesn't come home.

You Know You're a Tales Fan When... by gamergirl
Comment: For every Tales game you own, at least 5 of these things should apply to you.

Love Him or set Him Free by gamergirl
Comment: After a comment about her just using him as a substitute, she is forced to decide whether to marry Luke or let him go.

Containment by gamergirl
Comment: Symphonia/Phantasia drabble.

Trade-Off by gamergirl
Comment: The Jade Gang and the God Generals are summoned to the coliseum for a series of battles.

Hypnotic Dance Floor by Atelier Joh
Comment: Tales of the Abyss, Luke and Natalia

Insomnia by Atelier Joh
Comment: Tales of Vesperia, Flynn and Judith

The Girl in the Red Dress by aya*ne, mosaicera, or Elissa Woo
Comment: This is actually a 3 minute and 10 second fandub. All voices were by me. The rest of the explanation and bulk of my comments is in the actual video description since it's semi-lengthy.

Chimera Butterfly by Baby Kat Snophlake
Comment: I wrote this story for The 500 and edited it for the contest. It was inspired by a family story.

A Tale S by Mally
Comment: A simple tribute video of the Tales of Symphonia Anime adaptation of the game!

Tales of Graces: The Lhant Lineage by William Ambrosio and Vito Prillo
Comment: A little fic about Tales of Graces f, the protagonists are Asbel Lhant and his father Aston

Tales of Harmonia - Fiat Lux by Tian-Yuan Zhao/ToSfan4ever
Comment: I love you so much that I did the following: 1) Founded a choir and named it after you - Tales of Harmonia. 2) Arranged a piece from the Tales of Symphonia OVA/Animation - Fiat Lux ~ Hikare Are. 3) Had members of my choir - Tales of Harmonia perform Fiat Lux

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