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17:12 - 12th June 2013, by NEO Staff

Animal Crossing profile: Kapp'n

Are you ready for the launch of Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS on 14 June? We certainly are! Every day for a week in the run up to the release, we're bringing you a new character profile - and this time, it's the turn of Kapp'n, the salty sea dog who provides you with safe passage to nearby Tortimer Island, a tropical holiday paradise full of insects and fish that will provide a truly bountiful harvest!

Although in the western versions he is generally referred to as being a turtle, in fact, he is really a kappa, a sort of water imp or goblin which looks very much like a turtle, but has some important differences! The kappa is easily the most famous 'yokai', or spirit / demon, in Japan, and it haunts the shorelines of rivers, lakes and swamps, waiting for unsuspecting victims. Japanese parents use the kappa to warn their children away from water, hoping the scary tale of the monster who snatches kids will keep them safe from the very real dangers of drowning. Kappa are likely to drag their victims into the water to drown them, or alternatively, challenge them to a wrestling match. The best way to win is to bow graciously to your opponent, which is a surefire way to defeat the kappa, who stores life-giving water in a bowl on its head. Bowing causes the kappa to bow in return, which makes the water spill out and drains the creature of its strength! Another weakness of the kappa is cucumber, its favourite food - hence why the sushi dish of simple cucumber rolls is called kappa maki in Japan!

Luckily, Kapp'n doesn't share the traits of his monstrous brethren, even though his name is suspiciously similar... No, Kapp'n is of course also a play on the word 'Captain', and even though his vessel is a mere motorboat, you'll find that Kapp'n is no less proud of his nautical heritage. He's a career sailor, and when you meet him on the shores of your town, he'll give you passage to Tortimer Island for 1000 bells, which also includes a rather lovely series of salty sea shanties! Singing about everything from his mother's makeup to cucumbers, Kapp'n loves to serenade his passengers - but here's a tip - if you've heard it all before, just press B to skip.

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