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15:43 - 14th June 2013, by NEO Staff

Animal Crossing profile: K. K. Slider

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is out to purchase in the UK now for the 3DS! To celebrate, we're bringing you our final character profile - K. K. Slider, the coolest dog in town.

A firm favourite of the Animal Crossing series, K. K. has appeared in all of the games to date, and each one, his main aim in life is to entertain the masses with his eclectic range of songs. K. K.'s work covers everything from ballads to mambo, and each one is accompanied by the acoustic guitar - played by K. K., of course, and his distinctive howling voice.

If there's one way to describe K. K., it's laid-back. He only cares about his music, and knows you can't put a price on entertainment. That's why he never charges for a performance in town on a Saturday night, and also why he'll happily give you bootleg copies of his songs, in order to stop the fat cats of the recording industry from making money from his art.

In New Leaf, K. K. plays in Club LOL with several new songs, including chip tune remixes. Club LOL is run by retired comedian Dr. Shrunk, and can be unlocked in your town by upgrading Timmy and Tommy's store, and earning 100 points as mayor. Once that happens, you'll need to collect six signatures from the villagers and inform Dr. Shrunk so he can open the club for business. You can then visit K. K. on a Saturday night to hear his latest tunes. K. K. has also invested in some new DJing equipment and plays remixes every other night in the club.

K. K.'s real name is Totakeke, but he prefers to go by his nickname. He is named after the sound designer for the game, Kazumi Totaka. When he originally appeared in Animal Crossing, he had a simple appearance with distinctive dark black eyebrows and white fur. However, some have speculated that he has turned hipster in the intervening years, as he now sports a pair of dark rimmed glasses and a little yellow hat!

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