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15:00 - 5th September 2015, by David West

Heroes And Worlds Collide

If you’ve ever wondered who would win a battle between Naruto and Ichigo, or between Goku and Luffy, prepare to find out, as the biggest stars from Weekly Shonen Jump magazine fight to the finish in J-Stars Victory VS+.

With more than 50 characters, not every figure in the game comes from an action series. “Some characters come from action manga but some are from sports manga, some from comedy manga. We spent a long time thinking about how those characters should move in a fighting game,” says producer Koji Nakajima.

Several characters were chosen by the public via a reader’s poll. “Some of the characters they chose were a bit of a surprise to me, the ones who come from titles that are no longer running in Weekly Shonen Jump,” says Nakajima-san. “We had to consider not only popular titles from right now, but we had to bring characters from older but universally popular titles into the game.”

Then the next challenge was making sure their power levels were comparable – not easy when a hero like Goku can destroy planets. “For J-Stars Victory VS+ it’s not actually Goku who destroys planets. Arale from Dr Slump has a special move called Breaking The Earth In Two,” says Nakajima-san. “We tried to balance all of the characters by creating specific unique moves for all of them. Even though Goku might be stronger than Luckyman in the manga, if you master Luckyman’s special moves, you can still beat him.”

Learning different character’s moves is vital for beating the game. “The Arcade Mode includes a huge variety of missions and some are more difficult than others, but in order to complete some missions you have to use a specific character. You can’t always use your favourite character, you need to master more than one,” says Nakajima-san. Asked whose powers he would like to have, the producer replies, “Luckyman’s only power is his luck, which is very unusual for a superhero, but if I was going to have a superpower in the real world that would be a nice one. I need luck!”

J-Stars Victory VS+ is out now on the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita from Bandai Namco Entertainment.

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