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12:46 - 18th May 2012, by Martin Mathers

Asura's Wrath DLC now available

Those of you who took notice of our Asura's Wrath review a while back might be please to hear that there's now even more mad demonic space opera goodness available through both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Store, thanks to Capcom releasing a number of new episodes as downloadable content.

Available as five separate and surprisingly cheap downloads, each one adds a new twist to Asura's tale of betrayal and revenge. The first two act as interludes between existing episodes, with Episode 11.5 and 15.5 filling in the plot blanks with a mix of artistic visuals and quicktime event-heavy gameplay. The Chapter IV package, meanwhile, acts as a whole new part of the story that picks up immediately after Episode 18 (and so is best played once you've seen the 'true' ending... something we've only just done ourselves!). And if it's something extra special you're after, you might want to try the two 'lost' episodes featuring stars from Capcom's Street Fighter series, Ryu and Akuma. Both offer their own unique mission modes that challenge you outside of the main plot, although they're also both completely insane in their storytelling.

All this episodic DLC is available right now for just a few pounds each and having played all of it, we can assure you it's worth downloading. Hey, you can never have too much crazy six-armed god action, can you?

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