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20:05 - 28th June 2012, by David West

Pokémon Global Link Relaunched

The Pokémon Company International relaunched the Pokémon Global Link website this week, unveiling new features for Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version video game players to explore this summer.

The updated website includes new player data in its Reports and My Page sections, plus a brand-new area to visit in the Pokémon Dream World.

The Global Trade Station is live on the site, allowing players to observe Pokémon trades happening around the world.

On the new Reports page, players can view and analyze Global Battle Union and Wi-Fi Competition information such as the most popular Pokémon used by top players for the first time.

The Reports page tracks Ratings and Rankings for players all over the world who battle via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. In the Game Sync World Records section, players can view how countries around the world rank in different game stats, including top cycling locations, top healing locations and top battling locations.

The new My Page section will make it easier to track your own game's progress and stats, including personal reports like Global Battle Union results.

The Pokémon Dream World has expanded with the addition of the new Icy Cave Area. In the Icy Cave players can meet Ice-type Pokémon such as Sneasel, Spheal, and Swinub, and bring them back into their copy of Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version.

For more information about the Pokémon Global Link and the Black and White Version games, please visit

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