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09:35 - 28th March 2013, by Bridget Fox

Gods Eater Burst

There are no shortage of games inspired by Capcom's gaming sensation, Monster Hunters, and Gods Eater Burst might, to the cynic, seem like just another clone. But for fans of that popular franchise, and newcomers alike, this game offers just enough that's unique to make it worth a look.

The story sees you taking on aragami, a scourge of super-powered monsters determined to rid the earth of mankind. Whilst the gameplay doesn't offer much new in the world of real-time RPGs, it's really the visuals and storyline which will keep you hooked. Playing in devastated landscapes against some truly incredible enemies, you'll also be treated to some real twists and turns as the plot draws to its conclusion. You'll be able to customise and upgrade your player's weapons continually in order to keep on top of combat - and the method by which you harvest your raw materials is the one which gave the game its admittedly wacky title.

Gods Eater Burst isn't going to blow your mind with originality, but it's a solid adventure in the style of one of the most popular genres going on the PSP.

Beautiful visuals, intriguing combat and a great plot are sadly obscured by the repetitive nature of some of the action in this otherwise solid game.
SCORE: 3.5/5
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