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13:24 - 16th April 2013, by Rob Burman

Lost Magic

When we first heard of Lost Magic we assumed it would be a typical RPG. After all, it ticks all the right boxes; young boy out to save the world, an evil queen who's stealing things that makes her powerful, and lots of cute/scary monsters to kill. But Lost Magic manages to pull a nice surprise out the bag and ends up being a real-time-strategy game crossed with Pokémon.

The plot is fairly silly RPG stuff... so we'll skip over that and go onto the main crux on the game - casting spells. Taito wants you to use the touch screen A LOT in this game because you need to cast different spells by drawing shapes with the stylus. There are many different shapes to draw, depending upon which spell you want to cast, for example to shoot a fireball you make a triangle, whereas casting a wind spell requires you to draw a 'C'. You can even combine spells for different effects. The better you draw the shape, the more powerful it will be - unfortunately, there isn't a mode where you can practice drawing, so it can be hit and miss.

One of your most important spells is one that catches enemies you're fighting - and this is where the Pokémon element comes in. To capture a monster you must first weaken it, then quickly cast the appropriate spell. Once you've collected a monster, it can be deployed in future battles as one of your team. By pointing and clicking with the stylus you can command your army of captured monsters to attack the enemy or protect your character - Isaac.

There are almost 400 potential spells to cast and a plethora of monsters. Unfortunately the difficulty can spike quite badly and there's no real sense of exploration. However if you're looking for a fast-paced RTS, this is magic.

SCORE: 4/5
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